Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, it's official. As Webb so eloquently put it, Springdale has transformed from people raising chickens and a bunch of hillbillies to the forefront of the corporate world!

No, wait.  Here we are in the middle of the fourth season of Arvest Ballpark and we are still waiting for some signs of development. I guess we're still a bunch of hillbillies raising chickens.

While Perry Webb is sitting in a sitz bath in Hot Springs and Mayor Sprouse is on yet another holiday in Destin, the local media has announced that the long-anticipated arrival of Cabela's in Arkansas is on the Rogers. Yes, the neighbors to the north win again.

A master plan for the area is in the works, Webb said, and Springdale must be well positioned when a "destination" retailer such as Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops comes calling. "We have changed the horizon," Webb said. "We've done a good job of lining up the dominoes and the first will fall the night we open the ballpark. People are now seeing the vision.
I guess this is the return on investment the taxpayers are getting for the $50,000 raise Sprouse gave Webb this year. 


  1. Seeing the Vision5:58 PM, July 28, 2011

    I'm looking, I'm getting eyestrain yet I think I need those same voices in my head that Doug Sprouse hears. Seeing isn't everything. Sometimes yer needs that voice inside that says "You're doing my work boy, I'm yer heavenly father and yer doing my work."

    Now just around those pink and green buildings is a gold mine of development.

    Veo nueva fortuna el venir mis amigos !


  2. Devastating news for the folks of Springdale. One can only wonder how many of the city council members will stay true to the chamber after this gross mismanagement of opportunity. Will the mayor ask for even more money to line Perry's pockets this year.

    Run for the hills folks, Springdale is lost and undone. Every metropolitan area has it's barrios, ghettos, slums or innner city. Springdale is sure to win the race for either of those titles. It's over for what should have been a wonderful opportunity.

  3. Our Chamber sits like a turd in the punch bowl while being rewarded with an additional 50,000.00 of our money. $200,000.00 for what? The Chamber Board is made up of Springdale's business leaders. What does that tell you? Corruption at the very core of this City! WHY is Webb so protected?. What is wrong with our leadership? We have none! I thought blackmail was a federal offense? Or is it that good ole boys system here in Springdale that has destroyed our City?

  4. Remember that it was your City Council and your Mayor that voted to give your Chamber the additinal 50 thousand dollars in January. That says it all.Its hard to soar with the eagles when you are surrounded by spineless jellyfish. Congradulations ROGERS for a job well done. Amazing what a little vision and leadership can do.

    1. Well I believe those of Springdale shall go back to the good old boy system and get rid of those big city money hungry anti Americans out of office and take back springdale because Fayetteville and all other much loved towns will not become dictators such as Springdales city council or there boss there in the supervisors seat any code enforcement office, just a supervisor with questionable ethics and loyalties. Who does she really belong too, which city , from what state. It's sure not Springdale.

      Maybe Philadelphia pa?

  5. Look out Springdale Code Enforcement agency....Supervisors can't dictate how the laws bill citizens your just a clerical staff member not a judge that voted on by the people, or a prosecuting attorney that's also voted in. Or will they be? I do not know but I know big brother is coming to hace your heads. City Laws can't break the constitution NO MATTER WHAT YOU ALL DO THINK. Your are all in big big trouble. Get all the $$$$You can. Your all going down. There's a petition already being produced to band the city of Springdale city counsel and it's east coast mentality of destroying the beautiful Arkansas so many of us love and are willing to fight you big city money hungry pigs!