Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Dares Question Authority?

For those of you who missed the Springdale City Council meeting on November 9, I urge you to suffer through it. Perry Madoff announced that the money the Chamber of Commerce receives from the City, Advertising and Promotion, and Public Facilities will be now be dedicated 100% to a newly created Economic Development Division, which he claims is separate from whatever it is the Chamber does. No longer unemployed, Lance Eads thinks he is in charge of this creative new way to fleece the taxpayers without their knowledge.

During this meeting, Alderwoman Kathy Jaycox asks Madoff if the Chamber will present the invoices some people have been asking for to the council for review. The President/CEO was visibly defensive, condescending, and downright rude to Mrs. Jaycox. No other member of the council said a peep.


  1. I just watched the meeting. Ms. Jaycox asked Perry a couple of questions and he was a total ass to her and he kept glancing at the mayor for approval of his behavior. I was rolling on the floor when she shot him that look at 20:22 minutes into the video though - it's priceless!

  2. This is the face of our Chamber! Business 101.... You need a face to get you in the door, not a copperhead ready to stike.

  3. What else can he do? The lies keep mounting and the results are nil. Back a snake in the corner and this is what you get. A pissed off snake that wants another check!