Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Screwed Again

The taxpayers of Springdale are about to get screwed AGAIN.

Apparently, the Chamber of Commerce membership drive hasn't been going as well as they hoped because yesterday, (11/23/10) Chamber Cheerleader Steve Caraway reported that Mayor Sprouse has included a request in the proposed 2011 budget to bump up the contribution to the chamber organization an additional $50,000.

 In the same article:
"The mayor’s budget estimates general fund income at $27.62 million and expenses at $27.69 million, a shortfall of $60,000."
The Mayor says:
"I regret that we're unable to include compensation increases in my proposed 2011 budget."

It doesn't take a genius or a calculator to see the easiest way to make up the shortfall. Why would we even consider increasing the Chamber's pot to $227,500 a year when they have refused all requests in the past to show us where they are spending our money? Do they need a dictionary to know that a self-appreciating newsletter is not an invoice?

Do you have an opinion on the proposed 2011 budget? Let Mayor Sprouse know.
Phone: (479) 750-8114


  1. Oh come on! The Chamber billboard went from "We are economic developement" to "We are economic growth" Can't you see the results that spurred? They are lined up around city hall to get their business licenses. The billboard genius! Give Madoff his money. Maybe we can get another billboard. Just trying to figure out how to get a piece of bread wrapped around one of those the billboard slats.

  2. .

    Arkansas's capital city, Little Rock, is 4 times the size of Springdale. Yet, Little Rock only provides $200,000 to it's Chamber of Commerce. It's time the Chamber quits electing our City Council. Return to ward-only elections so there can be some representation from "we the people."