Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Booze Brothers

Liquor permit denials for two Walgreens stores in Springdale a couple months back produced little more than yawns from the locals. Macadoodles finally opened so I guess nobody noticed at the time.

Representative Jon Woods, R-Springdale, has reportedly been spotted carpooling to Little Rock with none other than Springdale Liquor Association (SLA), Prince Jim Phillips. The purpose of their road trips? To attend ABC Board Meetings and object to liquor permit requests for Springdale businesses like Walgreens and EZ Mart. This isn't the first time these two have been spotted behaving in a suspicious manner.

In an interesting side note, Woods made the Top 20 list of lawmakers pocketing the most per diem, mileage and expense reimbursements in 2009. I guess we know who pays for the gas.

It is apparent that it's not the liquor Woods is fussing about. He doesn't object to permits for restaurants and bars. Maybe he doesn't want to rock the boat at establishments his band may play at one day.  No, it seems pretty obvious he is only objecting to businesses that could be competition for his traveling companion.

ABC Director Michael Langley said almost every Arkansas Walgreens located in a wet county was granted permission to sell beer and small farm wines.

Woods is not working for Springdale. Email him at and let him know.

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