Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SLA Cartel Strikes Again

We thought this was old news.

We thought Macadoodles was on the home stretch to opening their doors.

We were wrong.

There was no mention of the latest antics of the Springdale Liquor Association in the local newspaper today, but television station 40/29 reported a new battle is brewing just days before the store is set to open.

Springdale should be welcoming any new business with open arms rather than allowing the greed of one person to embark on a campaign that is nothing short of harassment. Does the SLA have new evidence that makes them think appealing an already lost appeal is necessary?

Is State Senator Sue Madison behind this latest stunt to delay a legitimate business from opening their doors? Last year Madison was quoted, "they have lured people across the state line to purchase alcohol. They should not get a license until they have repaid Arkansas all the tax dollars we've lost." Are you going to repay Macadoodles for any revenue they lose fighting this nonsense? Are you going to pay Springdale all the sales tax they lose because everyone is now driving to Sam's in Fayetteville? Maybe you can call it even.

Macadoodles was voted Best Liquor Store in Northwest Arkansas so the SLA needs to be worried and coupled with the latest antics they are running off even once loyal patrons in droves. People don't want to do business with a company that does things like this.

This Family Tradition Since Prohibition needs to get over it.

The Fayetteville Flyer is blogging the same story here.


  1. The 40/29 report was inaccurate and wrong, according to Michael Langley of the ABC. Macadoodles is opening March 26. It's unsafe to repeat unverified information.

  2. Since it's unsafe to repeat unverified information, can you verify that statement by Michael Langley?

  3. 40/29 has yet to retract. Smells like a skunk to me. Remember Sams! What does the Mayor have to say?

  4. Give a fool plenty of rope..Phillips is only painting himself into a very smaller corner.

    Thanks for the reporting.