Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Black and White for Deaf Ears

Should non-profit organizations and churches be counted as "new business" when reporting economic development? There is no tax revenue from them.  Should businesses that have been around for years, such as Acambaro and Well House Tavern be included in a list of new business for 2011?  Well, if you're Perry Webb reporting on all the great things he has done for the City of Springdale, you would.  He goes so far as to toot his own horn by listing every Red Box location as a new business. 

Reporter/Chamber of Commerce Cheerleader, Steve Caraway didn't give his readers a complete picture of what Kathy Jaycox actually said to the deaf ears and thick skulls of the Springdale City Council on December 13.  

If you don't want to suffer through an hour of listening to the city council meeting to find out what was said, you can read a transcript of Jaycox's statement.


  1. Perry and the Chamber of Welfare lying?
    Say it ain't so.

  2. I noticed that you are all about the drama in Springdale and you havent posted in a while... There was the huge story that rocked the Fire Dept of how Asst Chief McDonald report Chief Atha for claiming time he didnt work to work another job getting him fired in the process. Now Springdale has turned around and slapped Chief McDonald back in the face by posting a listing for Fire Chief on the city website and plan to hire outside the dept... Look into that one....
    Another one you might try on for size is within the Police Dept.. The Chief and the City Council have approved more and more officers to run the streets over and over again but when it comes to staffing the 911 center they have actually taken jobs away. Dispatch staffing for Police, Fire, & Ambulance for Springdale is lower now then it was 10 years ago even though our population is 70,000 there is more then twice the call volume and double the number of officers on the street. So next time your mother or father collapses and you call 911 there is a good chance you are being put on hold because they are actually taking more positions and will not approve to replace them. In the words of one Capt. Bersi "We do not need more dispatchers the ones we have just need to work harder"...
    There is defiantly more to be seen of Springdale and her drama then in just the City Council Just figured Id share a small portion of the topics for your delight.