Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Webb Wins Another Windfall

Darrell and his other brother Darrell have proposed a hotel/motel tax increase for the abundance of fine hotels in Springdale. But if you think that's funny, wait until you hear that this tax would land directly in the lap of none other than Perry Webb via the Advertising and Promotion Commission.
The City Council ordinance committee voted Monday to send a proposed raise of 0.5 percent to the council’s July 5 meeting. A tax increase, if approved, would boost the rate from 1.5 percent to 2 percent. A council vote is all that is required to increase the tax.
We have figured out what the A and P does with our money.  Perry gives it to CJRW and his useless Chamber, and conducts lots of surveys.  There is just no end to the variety of ways the man has come up with to line his own pockets.
Hotel-motel taxes, as well as restaurant taxes, would go to the city’s Advertising and Promotion Commission by state law, said Jeff Harper, city attorney... The council could ask for the money to be spent according to its request, but could not require the commission to do so, Harper said.
How convenient. If we're lucky, the money will be used to put in more fake slot machines at local convenience stores. You might as well put your money in one of those as trust Perry and Pals will do anything different than what they have done with your money in the past. SQUAT.


  1. God love them! A tax because they can. No plan just a tax. Obama will be so proud! A committee of morons recommending to the council of the very same morons a tax increase because Fayetteville Rogers and Bentonville are doing it.

  2. Springdale definitely needs more Marshallese pinball machines that spew Wal-Mart gift certificates instead of money. How are those damned things legal anyway?

  3. @4:45 I am glad somebody loves them...

    Ordinance Committee = City Council
    Finance Committee = City Council
    Dumbass Committee = City Council

    Someone please explain to me what is the purpose of having a bunch of phony committees making recommendations to themselves.

    Who exactly is in charge of this three ring circus?

  4. What exactly shall we promote with our new tax? That our mayor is gone more that Van Hoose was? Or that he hired an image consultant to dress him. His Tommy Bahama shirts and deck shoes were more in line with his motivation and drive. "Whatever dude, I'm here for the perks". Leader ? Where? Is this all we can attract? Oh wait, we have lottery tickets to sell. They need that tax so we won't appear so far behind when the paper reports the monthly sales tax figures. We still lose, but not with twelve eggs dripping from our chin.