Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Conversations With A Stump

Asking the Springdale Chamber of Commerce for copies of invoices or receipts for their expenditures isn't much different than having a conversation with a stump.

This is a list of checks (marked with a yellow highlighter) that we requested to see receipts showing their purpose. These particular checks were chosen because they seemed to be written to many of the individuals also involved in a lot of the traveling going on.

In what has become typical fashion, we received nothing of the sort. What we did get was a few pages of their general ledger with lots of things blacked out.

It seems to me the more they hide their real spending, the more suspect it becomes. If these were legitimate expenses truly used to promote the economic growth of Springdale, wouldn't they want to prove it?

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    It's pretty obvious to all that Springdale CoC is a self-serving bunch of globe trotters.
    Other than bringing in a TAX-PAYER funded, socialistic, baseball stadium what have they accomplished?