Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Fluff & Stuff

The April 2010 Economic Development Report will be presented to the Springdale City Council tonight by the Chamber of Commerce.

This slick little newsletter or flier or whatever you want to call it - and you can call it anything but a report - is a pretty little fluff piece and virtually useless.

The local newspaper reported, "The chamber plans to continue quarterly reports to the city council, said Perry Webb, chamber chief executive officer and president. The reports will include invoices to show the money spent from public funds, Webb said."

I want to see the promised invoices and the City Council should demand to see them too. Especially the ones from their annual trip to Washington DC April 13-15 to pay off, I mean update John Boozman, Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln of the future plans for the Don Tyson Parkway.


  1. I agree this 'report' is pretty vague, but have you asked to see the invoices? I'm just curious if they don't exist or you are just conveniently not finding them. Just sayin'

  2. Seems to me that major retail development is happening under the CoC noses with them having NOTHING to do with it. Our Hispanic community are truly independent entrepreneurs working out of their own pockets to open tire shops, repair shops, bakeries and numerous dining out opportunities in Springdale.

    Had a cruise around the 265/E.Emma intersection lately?