Thursday, April 15, 2010

How the Big Dogs Mooch

The Springdale City Council passed a new animal ordinance requiring all animals in the city to be registered and micro chipped.

The Morning News quotes Alderman Jeff Watson as saying at this meeting, "I don't think the city has any business telling me if I can breed my animal."

Is he kidding? First of all, they aren't telling you not to breed your animal. They're telling you there is a fee for doing so. This ordinance was intended to protect legitimate, ethical breeders while deterring unqualified individuals from breeding animals that could ultimately end up being euthanized at the shelter.

So is the city telling him what to do really the issue or is Watson just being a crybaby and a tightwad?

Compared to other cities with similar ordinances, $50 is a very reasonable fee for a litter license and the money would have gone into a fund for the spay and neuter program potentially deterring people that are tossing animals out their car windows or putting them in a dumpster.

This is a much more worthwhile cause than shall we say Watson's health insurance premiums that are conveniently (for him anyway) paid by the taxpayer's.

Secs. 14-38. Litter License; Dog Breeders License
(a) Litter license. Any person who resides in the city limits who owns, keeps or harbors a dog or cat that gives birth to a litter is hereby required to obtain a litter license for the litter from the Springdale Animal Shelter no later than seven days after the puppies or kittens are born. The cost of a litter license shall be $50.00 per litter. Any person who does not obtain a litter license as required by this section shall be issued a citation for failure to obtain a litter license.

(1) All funds generated from the city's dog breeder and litter licenses pursuant to section 14-38 shall be deposited into a fund established for the city's low cost spay and neuter efforts.


  1. One day little perfect-student Johnny was missing from classroom. The next day when perfect-student Johnny returned to the class room the teacher wanted to know why he was absent.
    Johnny:"I had to take our cow to the neighbors to have her bred to a registered bull."
    Teacher: "couldn't your father have done that?"
    Johnny: "Well dad could have but he's not registered."

  2. This is really a good one and makes for strong validation of the new policy......el.wood, please
    share some more little johnny stories when they apply....all enjoy them.

  3. Does the city have any business telling you how tall your fence can be or how tall your grass is allowed to grow or that you're not allowed to have chickens? They are allowed to tell you all these things my dear Watson.

  4. I lost my beloved pet who was traumatized in a move. I kick myself every day for not having him chipped. I might have him back today if I had done so. Kudos to Springdale for being proactive rather than in last place reactive for a change.

  5. Springdale leads the way! Thank you! All I say say about Mr Watson is "CHEAP puppy killer" Knowing professional breeders, not one of them had any problem with this fee whatsoever! That money would go into a fund to offer citizens vouchers to spay a neuter. I suppose he will have to move his puppy mill somewhere other than the grocery store parking lot now.

  6. Maybe Mona the shelter dog left this present for Jeff Watson.,233842

  7. You people will jump on and exaggerate anyone's comment of it doesn't go along with your way of thinking and speaking. Grow up and realize that differences and opinions are what makes the world interesting and, fortunately, makes its inhabitants not like you.

  8. Grow up and realize that differences and opinions are what makes the world interesting and, fortunately, makes its inhabitants not like you.

    You mean like allowing you to post here and disagree with others?


  9. 4:12 Did you have an opinion on something? I missed it.

    Check out the story of Charles. A lost cat who was found 1300 miles away from home and was reuinted with his owner days before being euthanized because he was chipped???!!!

    Wonderful story and I think the point of this post.

    It's a good thing every inhabitant isn't thinking and speaking like Mr. Anonymous 4:12

  10. "Pie in the sky". I think it is wonderful that Jeff Watson does not mind taking City money every month for meetings plus insurance, but worries about people having to buy a breeder's license. Does he worry about the citizens or just Jeff?
    I think all meetings A & P and Public Facilities Board should be televised. The citizens have a right to know where the money goes.