Monday, December 7, 2009

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Unfortunately, after a lengthy search, we have come up empty handed. All we can do is speculate what kind of vessel is being stored at the Hickory Creek Marina while being paid for by the Chamber of Commerce.

Isn't it unfortunate the American Express bill doesn't provide a slip number or something the Chamber uses to hide their ride?

My imagination is getting the best of me. Is it a houseboat, ski boat, pontoon, rowboat - what?! And who does it belong to? I could be wrong I suppose, but I have a gut feeling it's not a rowboat.

Surely someone out there has waved at a local chamber member cruising Beaver Lake while working their butts off bringing in new business. Do tell.

UPDATE - Another possible clue: Webb's biography on the US Chamber of Commerce Institute lists his favorite stress reducers as golfing and get this...BOATING!


  1. If this were for a boat slip, wouldn't it be on the account every month?

  2. What is the National Institute? Kinda looks important.

  3. Who can tell anything with their shoddy bookkeeping. It could be repairs, a rental, gas...